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On Demand - Emerging Trends in Stormwater

On Demand - Emerging Trends in Stormwater

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If you didn’t attend ISRI2019 here is your chance to watch and learn from industry experts. While often overlooked, stormwater management is a crucial component of operating a successful recycling facility. Ignoring or not giving this facet of the operation can have regulatory, legal and operational ramifications that can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time, wages, legal fees and equipment. Understanding how stormwater management fits into the overall operation of a running a facility.

In this session, you’ll hear from experts who will look across the landscape and provide insight into emerging trends within the industry, and what recyclers need to be aware of on both the regulatory and operational fronts.

Watch this session so you can be armed with the latest information on how you can ensure your facility is in compliance and how proper stormwater management can give your business an edge you haven’t previously considered.

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